Mini-Course: Sneaker Writing 101

While designing sneakers is a glamorous job, writing and making content about sneakers isn’t half as bad either. The perks? Free shoes, better opportunity for exclusive releases, industry parties, and the overall impact of having your opinion and reporting read by thousands across the industry. There was a time when this higher echelon of bloggers and writers represented a small population, with even more sparse opportunities. But as streetwear and sneaker culture grows into the mainstream and digital media constantly evolving, more platforms are being created.

Within streetwear alone, newer digital sites like House Of Heat, social media accounts like Hart Copy, to platforms like SoleSavy have been born in recent years alone. However, bigger organizations are starting to employ in-house writers to create content instead of relying on PR and digital sites. In addition, brands such as Nike, Jordan Brand, Notre, and Undefeated are beginning to tap directly into their community with their own content to support releases. As a result, the prospect of this job opportunity is seeing an uptick — supporting the 4.0% growth by 2022. 

To get your start into sneaker writing, we have created this FREE mini-course. Sneaker Writing 101 highlights pieces of the Sneaker Essentials course featuring FIT and Complex to give you a peek into sneaker media careers like a Sneaker Editor, Content Creator, or Publicist. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a daily email for four days to understand the basics of sneaker media, sneaker anatomy, and how to take your sneaker content to the next level.

In this mini-course, you’ll find the following information:

  • Evolution of Sneaker Media
  • Vocabulary of Materials
  • Parts of The Upper
  • Defining Your Brand and Cultivating an Audience

Sneaker Essentials contributors who teach this mini-course:

  • Gerald Flores, former Editor-in-Chief of Sole Collector
  • Matt Welty, Associated Editor at Complex Sneakers, Full Size Run Co-Host
  • Brendan Dunne, Full Size Run Co-Host
  • Richard “Maze” Lopez, former Co-Host of Full Size Run
  • Frank Zambrelli, design credits: Chanel, Derek Lam, etc.
  • Gregg Woodcock, design credits: FILA, FUBU, etc.
  • Sophia Chang, designer

Take a free mini-course on Sneaker Writing featuring Gerald Flores, Brendan Dunne, and more.

Access this mini-course and begin to unlock your sneaker writing skills. By the end of this mini-course, you’ll understand all aspects of sneaker media, materials in shoe construction, a beginning understanding of industry terms, and developing your point of view.

Sneaker Essentials, an online course featuring FIT and Complex, features a full module dedicated to Sneaker Media.


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