Explore all areas of the film and television industry with this new 100% online program from faculty at New York University (NYU), featuring experts from IndieWire and Rolling Stone, and leaders from across the industry.

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Unlock the secrets of the film and television industry with this cutting-edge 100% online program from the esteemed faculty at New York University (NYU). With guidance from industry heavyweights at IndieWire and Rolling Stone, as well as top professionals from across the field, this program is your all-access pass to exploring every corner of the entertainment industry.

Through our filmmaking program, students will explore major movements in film history, and analyze the expressive principles of visual and audio communication; idea development and realization using an image, movement, pace, spoken word, and other sounds. Key Concepts:
  • Introduction to cinema
  • Film theory
  • Film and culture
  • Film genres
  • History of American and international film
  • Journalism and film criticism
Students will analyze the collaborative process of producing episodic television drama, comedy, and non-fiction. We will explore vital roles in television production, from the Showrunner to the Director. Key Concepts:
  • Introduction to television
  • Television genres
  • The role of the showrunner
  • Journalism and television criticism
  • Interactive television and future of television
  • Commercial short form (including music video production)
Experts will present the major disciplines of cinematic arts: directing, producing, cinematography, sound, and editing. They will cover the basic concepts of producing and directing, for both documentary and fiction. Key Concepts:
  • Development
  • Writing the script
  • Visual story structure
  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Animation and VFX
Students will learn about the craft of editing and post-production, including the history of editing platforms and contemporary tools, sound design and scoring, special effects, and more. This module also covers the business of production, giving an overview of budgeting above and below the line, entertainment law basics, intellectual property, and profit sharing. Key Concepts:
  • Line producing, scheduling and budgeting
  • Film finance
  • Representation
  • Contracts and negotiations
  • Clearances and copyright
  • Filmmaking outside the studio system
In a crowded marketplace, how do films find their audiences? In this module, students will discover how films make their way into cinemas, streaming, and beyond through distribution and marketing. Key Concepts:
  • Pitching
  • Feature film and television marketing
  • Distribution (domestic and international)
  • Festival submissions
  • Streaming media
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