Modern Journalism Course

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New York University (NYU) faculty, alongside leading journalists from Rolling Stone and other news organizations, help you learn the industry practices and basic skills needed to produce news stories across audio, visual, and digital mediums.

This in-depth journalism course covers everything from an overview of investigative tools and techniques, to interviewing skills, journalistic ethics, audio and visual storytelling, and using social media for newsgathering, distribution, and building your personal brand.

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Learn from leading academic and media professionals with on-demand video lessons, and develop in-demand skills through self-paced projects and assignments.

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Gain practical industry knowledge through real-world case studies and examples, and get first-hand tips and advice on producing engaging journalism from the biggest names in the business.

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The Modern Journalism course consists of six online modules and related skill-building activities. Each module is 3-5 hours, broken into shorter lessons that students complete at their own pace. Upon finishing the course, students earn a non-credit certificate of completion from NYU journalism school.

Acts of Journalism Today
Survey the foundations of journalism — what defines it? What are its ethical and practical underpinnings? How does the news business work? Students will be introduced to the spectrum of journalistic media and its current career landscape.
Basic Investigating and Reporting
Get a crash course on hard news reporting and how journalists write, edit, report, and disseminate news. Learn about developing story ideas, getting that crucial interview, covering events, accuracy, newsworthiness, deadlines, and objectivity and fairness.
Storytelling the Truth: Longform and Feature Writing
Enter the world of longform narratives, feature writing, in-depth magazine stories, and non-fiction books and how they differ from straight news reporting. Students learn how a journalist gathers the necessary information from interviews, documents, and online sources and weave it into a structured and compelling investigative piece.
Multimedia Storytelling
Learn how to report news and tell stories through creative photo, video, and audio techniques. Students will learn about developing multimedia story ideas, scripting, audio and visual editing, and thinking critically about the best medium to tell a particular story.
The Journalist and Social Media
Examine how news organizations use social media to find story ideas, contact sources, gather news, and get their stories to the public while adhering to journalism’s core values and ethics. Students will also learn how to cultivate a professional social media brand and participate ethically in online communities.
The Journalism Business and the Working Journalist
Grow a personal profile that supports your writing. Students learn how to pitch to the right outlet, negotiate compensation, approach taxes, and generate revenue. Build the skills you need to chase your dream job, start a freelance career, or become a media entrepreneur.

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