Student Success: Sophie Sumner, Actress

Film & TV Essentials Graduate. Actress. America’s Next Top Model Winner.

Yellowbrick Students Go Places

Our students come to Yellowbrick with different backgrounds, stories, interests, and levels of expertise, but all share the same drive and passion for pursuing their dream. They’re what makes Yellowbrick what it is: a home for creatives to learn, grow, and connect.

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Student Success: Kieran Coyle, The Sole Supplier

Sneaker Essentials Graduate. Digital Creator. Content Writer for The Sole Supplier.

Student Success: Cory Munlyn, Fresh Pedestrian

Fashion Industry Essentials Graduate. Custom Apparel Designer. Entrepreneur.

Student Success: Macy Blankenship

Music Industry Essentials Graduate. Music Photographer. Aspiring Marketer & Publicist.

Student Success: Gene Feliz, Musician

Music Industry Essentials Graduate. Independent Hip-Hop Artist & Songwriter.

Student Success: Reid Conlon, Hyatt Chelsea

Hospitality and Touring Essentials Graduate. Future Travel Professional. Grad Student.

Student Success: Gianna Uzzo

Beauty Industry Essentials Graduate. Future Beauty Marketer.

Student Success: Lindsay Milner-Sigmund

Sneaker Essentials Graduate. Designer. VP of Design for Vida Shoes.

Student Success: Rose Jimenez

Beauty Industry Essentials Graduate. Entrepreneur. Future Beauty Writer.

Top 10 Yellowbrick Student Projects in 2021

A look back at some of the student projects that stood out this year

Student Success: Elena Takmakova, UMG

Music Industry Essentials Graduate. UMG Employee. Music Producer.

Student Success: Cyprian Kiswili, Enda Sportswear

Sneaker Essentials Graduate. Award-Winning Footwear Designer. Dreamer.

Student Success: Abigail Garcia, NYU Grad Student

Fundamentals of Global Sports Management Graduate. NYU Grad School Candidate. Achiever.

Student Success: D’Angelo Woods

Performing Arts Industry Essentials Graduate. Writer. Aspiring Actor.

Student Success: Kalika Mccrea

Beauty Industry Essentials Graduate. QA Analyst. Future Entrepreneur.

Student Success: Quanesha Johnson

Streetwear Essentials Graduate. Graphic Designer. Business Owner.

Student Success: Nicholas Alexis

Gaming And Esports Industry Essentials Graduate. Sneaker Essentials Graduate. Gamer.

Student Success: Tanesha Chynna Littlejohn, GoldenGirl Studios

Film & TV Industry Essentials Graduate. Founder, Director, and Editor at GoldenGirl Studios.

Student Success: Billy Petts, Inspiration Clothing

Sneaker Essentials and Streetwear Essentials Graduate. Fashion Designer. Owner and Creative Director at Inspiration Clothing.

Student Success: Nana Ataa Ofosu-Benefo

Hospitality And Tourism Industry Essentials Graduate. Dietician. Socioeconomic Advocate.

How Haram The Milkman brought his streetwear pop-up concept to life

A conversation with the founder of Cash Cow NYC.

Student Success: Joseph Kalish

Sneaker Essentials Graduate. Baseball Player. Student.

Student Success: Joshua Abrenilla

Music Industry Essentials Graduate. Musician. Dreamer.

Celebrating Black History Month: Highlighting Student Entrepreneurs in Streetwear

Yellowbrick students make their imprint in streetwear

Student Success: Harrison Davis, Stadium Goods

Sneaker Essentials Graduate. Sneaker Collector. Private Client Advisor at Stadium Goods.

Student Success: Valerie Christofel, My Little Late Night Makeover Show

Beauty Industry Essentials Graduate. Hair and Makeup Artist. Host of My Little Late Night Makeover Show.

Celebrating Black History Month: Highlighting Student Entrepreneurs in Music

Yellowbrick graduates pave their paths in the music industry

Vicky Hoppe’s Journey To Nike

Yellowbrick graduate, Vicky Hoppe, talks about how she landed a job at Nike, career tips, and women empowerment in the sneaker space.

Yellowbrick, Reebok, APB, and Jobs for the Future Drops Sneaker by Student

Yellowbrick teams up with Reebok, APB, and JFF to release a new student-designed sneaker.


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