The Ultimate Sneaker Career Guide

Discover your skills and interests to help you determine and achieve your sneaker career goals.

The Footwear industry is expected to show a volume growth of 4.0% in 2022. The United States alone has the largest footwear market in the world. Thousands of sneaker jobs and footwear careers drive the sneaker market revenue with 70 billion dollars in 2020 alone. While many want to enter the footwear industry as a sneaker designer or athletic footwear designer, it takes an array of departments and positions to develop a sneaker from concept to the market. What are they and how do you get started?

To help you determine and achieve your career goals, we have created this comprehensive guide. Yellowbrick’s The Ultimate Sneaker Career Guide is your source to discover careers and learn entry points into the sneaker industry. In this guide, you can begin to explore the sneaker jobs that drive the sneaker market, then search for your perfect footwear career by area of interest, skills, companies, or industry experts. 

The Ultimate Sneaker Career Guide

Learn about your skills and interests, and articulate them confidently to identify career options within the sneaker industry that you might pursue, and implement a successful strategy to attain your desired career outcomes.

In this guide you’ll find the following information:

  • Overview of the footwear industry
  • Future of the sneaker market
  • Sneakers Career Library
  • Career Planning Strategy to get into the sneaker industry

You’ll also find simple exercises that help you:

  • form a career planning strategy to get into the sneaker industry
  • find your passion in sneakers and identify an area of interest to pursue
  • learn the sneaker industry through top brands and its key players
  • identify your skills and match them to a sneaker area of interest


Download this guide to start planning your footwear career. Whether you’re a novice, a student, or a professional, you can further your career path by downloading this guide. This guide will help you begin understanding the sneaker opportunities available, as well as the skills and qualifications you need to succeed.

Your Ultimate Career Guide into the Sneaker Industry

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