Celebrating Black History Month: Highlighting Student Entrepreneurs in Streetwear

As Black History Month kicks off, Yellowbrick highlights black student success stories in entrepreneurship. Many of our graduates enroll in our courses to better learn the intricacies of running a business after starting their companies or are inspired by their coursework to take the leap as entrepreneurs. In this installment, we’re taking a look at a few of our Streetwear Essentials graduates who have turned their visions into fully realized streetwear brands.

Bronson Johnson

Bronson Johnson, Black History Month

Brand: W.H.O.

Bronson Johnson enrolled in Streetwear Essentials while reconceptualizing his brand, Haus of Bronson J. “I wanted a bit of guidance on how to run a brand correctly as I was in the process of rebranding my own.” 

Johnson was able to apply the knowledge he gained from the streetwear course to relaunch his label as Wealth Happiness Opulence, shortened to W.H.O. “I really wanted to serve my demographic the right way. I feel like I’m finally moving in the right direction!”

Follow Bronson on Instagram @who_haus.

Aaron Jackson a.k.a. Ajax

Ajax, Black History Month

Brand: Mayhem AVE 

Jackson co-founded Mayhem AVE in 2000 with a high school friend. Despite the DMV native holding a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, he took Streetwear Essentials because he felt the program’s curriculum wasn’t inclusive enough. “I didn’t learn anything about streetwear when I got my degree in Fashion Design,” he explained. 

The course’s contributors gave Jackson insight into what he wanted Mayhem AVE to represent. “All of the instructors dropped gems that I needed. I didn’t have anyone to teach me or lead me on this journey. I have to take all the information I can.”

Follow Jackson on Instagram @mayhemave.

Lee Chery

Lee Cherry, Black History Month

Brand: Disquize Luxè

Chery had dreamed of what Disquize Luxè could be long before starting Streetwear Essentials, but he designed to move forward because he wanted to fulfill the brand’s potential. “I was already running a clothing company, but this course helped me organize and better structure my business.” 

The assignments helped Chery understand the fundamentals of running a successful company. “Creating a lookbook and creating a professional business plan helped me with my direction and taught me how to be strategic.” Now, Dizquize Luxè has a flagship store in Atlanta, GA.

Follow Chery on Instagram @dizquize.

Quanesha Johnson

Quanesha Johnson, Black History Month

Brand: Quan Johnson

Creating a brand that properly reflects your culture and represents where you’re from can be a huge undertaking. But Quanesha Johnson has pulled it off with the Atlanta-based streetwear brand Quan Johnson. “We have already managed to sell out a collection and get celebrities and influencers to tap into what Quan Johnson is about. We also have a few collaborations in the works.” 

Follow Johnson on Instagram @quanjohnsonent.

Moises Estrada 

Moises Estrada, Black History Month

Brand: Moises Estrada 

“I felt like my four years in college didn’t touch much on the business side. So I wanted to enhance my brand and expand my knowledge of streetwear,” Estrada explained when asked why he enrolled in Streetwear Essentials. He wanted to pursue his passion for fashion but with a clear sense of what running a business requires. So he launched his namesake brand with an eye towards modern ideals. The ready-to-wear nonbinary fashion label is rooted in sustainability and promises transparency in its manufacturing process.

Follow Estrada on Instagram @moisesestradaofficial.

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