Keeping Creative With Alife’s Rob Cristofaro

Exclusive Conversation: Keeping Creative During Quarantine w/ Rob Cristofaro


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When the world was first introduced to the concept of a “stay-at-home” quarantine order, we had no idea what to expect. We were given a potential timeline to the end but that has changed many times. In the interim, creatives like Alife co-founder Rob Cristofaro are navigating the calm through the storm. Keeping creative and motivated during these times is a major key because his business is dependent on creativity.

We recently sat down with Rob on a Zoom chat to discuss a few things including how he stays creative and what he suggests others do to stay creative during these uncertain times. Rob is also an Industry Expert in the Streetwear Essentials course, which gives students an inside look at what it’s like to have a career in the streetwear industry. He talks about the importance of learning from other people’s experiences and how it can help craft a path for your journey in the streetwear industry. If you missed the full length conversation, no worries. You can drop your email in the “Register Now” box above and get the link.