The Ultimate Media Career Guide

Want to pursue a career within the media industry? We have created this guide to help you determine and achieve your media career goals.

The media industry is a broad and ever-growing field, providing opportunities for writers to work on everything from traditional journalism and copywriting to social media and marketing. As of 2020, there were reportedly 143,200 writers and authors working throughout the U.S. In addition, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment for writers and authors is projected to grow 9% by 2030. 

A new form of digital media has risen to prominence in the past decade. Blogs and social media have given writers an outlet for their musings on everything from fashion to politics. Today, more than two billion people use social media daily, fueling a rise in the popularity of blogging. In addition, with the growth of the internet, writers now have access to new audiences worldwide. This has allowed both aspiring and established writers to develop successful careers in previously unavailable ways.

We have created this comprehensive guide to help you determine and achieve your media career goals. Yellowbrick’s Ultimate Media Career Guide is your source to discover careers and learn entry points into the media industry. In this guide, you can explore the jobs that drive the market, then search for your perfect career by area of interest, skills, publications, or writers. 

Media Career Guide

Learn about your skills and interests, articulate them confidently to identify career options you might pursue, and implement a successful strategy to attain your desired career outcomes.

In this guide, you’ll find the following information:

  • Overview of the media industry
  • The future of the writing and journalism market
  • Media Career Library
  • Career Planning Strategy to get into the media industry

You’ll also find simple exercises that help you:

  • form a strategy to get into the media industry
  • find your passion within writing and identify an area of interest to pursue
  • learn the media industry through top publications, media platforms, and its key players
  • identify your skills and match them to a place of interest

Looking to learn more about the media industry, the opportunities in writing, or build the skills you need? Explore our media courses — Media Writing Essentials and Modern Journalism — featuring NYU, The New School, Rolling Stone, and authors in the field to learn the ins and outs of the industry while building your expertise in pitching a story, interviewing skills, and producing engaging stories. 

Your Ultimate Career Guide Into The Media Industry

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