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Top 10 Yellowbrick Student Projects in 2021

A look back at some of the student projects that stood out this year

With 17 verticals and counting, many students walk through Yellowbrick's virtual doors every year. As part of their coursework, students complete activities and assignments across music, film, sneaker and streetwear design, fashion design, beauty, and more. Before we end this year, we picked the ten outstanding student projects that caught our attention in 2021.


“The Year of the Hustle” Tour Marketing Strategy by David Manuel 

Also known as MC Smoove Dav, David shared the marketing strategy for his tour supporting his debut album. The project is on the student activities for enrollees of The Clive Davis Institute at NYU x Billboard Music Industry Essentials program. The strategy is an excellent blend of old school and modern tech by combining traditional radio and targeted advertising through an online streaming service.

Follow David on IG @smoovedav3


Il Gufo Visual Brand Identity by Lucia Bonetti

Lucia Bonetti, student project

Lucia has the most liked Visual Brand Identity assignment in our FIT x Beauty Inc. Beauty Business Essentials course. The project asks students to select a logo, color palette, and images related to their inspiration behind the brand. For Lucia's assignment, she introduced us to Il Gufo, an Italian handcrafted children's brand.


7 Decades Visual Brand Identity by Hailee Harris

Hailee Harris, student projects

Hallee is another enrollee in our Fashion Business Essentials course. For her Visual Brand Identity activity, she designed 7 Decades with a vintage aesthetic and a hit on social media.

Follow Hailee on IG @hailee.harris 


Made by Mia Business Summary Mia Fong

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A well-thought-out and put-together business plan is the backbone of any company. For our Parsons x Complex Streetwear Essentials online course, students' capstone projects feature a comprehensive business plan and design sketches to form a brand presentation.

Follow Mia on IG @madebymiashop


Moulin Rouge Stage Design by Kate Chipongian

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Setting The Stage is the third module in our NYU Tisch x Backstage Performing Arts Industry Essentials course. This module teaches students about the stage's properties, terminology, and personnel. In the assignment for this module, students design a stage based on an existing production or their own plays. Kate's take on Moulin Rouge was impressive.

Follow Kate on IG @kaatechi.


The Missing Lunch, a Short Film by Jose Gil

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In our NYU x Rolling Stone x IndieWire Film + TV Industry Essentials course, students script, storyboard, produce and design an electronic press kit for a short film. Jose's project, The Missing Lunch, asks the tricky question: what happens when you lose something you love?

Follow Jose on IG @dimension_305.


Top Nine Sneaker Portfolio by Steve Soles

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The Building a Sneaker Portfolio project in module one of the FIT x Complex Sneaker Essentials course is a favorite of our #sneakerschool students. As part of the activity, students create a portfolio featuring their top nine sneakers. Steve took his project up a notch by drawing his favorite sneakers. These ranged from underrated gems like the Under Armour Curry 4 More Dimes to sought-after Nike SB Dunk Ben & Jerry's Chunk Dunky.

Follow Steve on IG @stevessoles.


"Be Here From Anywhere," Marketing Activation by Cory Tomlinson

Cory Tomlinson, student project

One of the featured student projects for our NYU x Teamwork Fundamentals of Sports course work is Create a Marketing Activation. The assignment challenges students to consider the intricacies of brand partnerships, from physical layout to what types of technology are incorporated. Cory designed "Be Here From Anywhere," a partnership between Barclay's Arena and Microsoft Teams for his assignment. The campaign focused on fan interaction, especially fans unable to attend games in person due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Follow Cory on IG @corymtomlinson.


Olivia Rodriguez’s Sour Tour Marketing Strategy by Carmela Andreozzi

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Carmela finished up her #MusicU studies earlier this year. She wowed us with one final assignment. Students have to create a social media marketing strategy for an artist in this project. Carmela built a campaign around the opening night of Olivia Rodriguez's Sour Tour at Boston's House of Blues. As part of her carefully considered strategy, Carmela targets a mix of social media influencers and local publications.

Follow Carmela on IG @actuallycarmela.


Multifunctional Next-Generation Sudoku Desk by Diana Pan 

Diana Pan submitted a video of plans for her multifunctional next-generation sudoku desk for the fourth module of the New School x Wallpaper* Production Design Essentials course. The desk takes inspiration and its name from the popular Japanese puzzle, Sudoku. 

Follow Diana on Youtube.


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