Student Success: Harrison Davis, Stadium Goods

As an independent store owner, Harrison had a unique view of the sneaker industry. He wanted to explore different areas of the industry he loves and enrolled in Sneaker Essentials to expand his knowledge. He spoke with Yellowbrick about his student success and how the course helped him find the right career path.

From design to supply chain, processing, management, buying, and customer service, I feel like the sneaker course gave a great overview of the industry.


I enrolled in Sneaker Essentials to get a broader perspective of the sneaker industry, end-to-end. My prior experiences had been as a collector and owner in the independent space. To grow my career and compete in the NYC market, I wanted to expand my design knowledge. I wanted to learn about supply channels, big box, mass marketing, and more.

The partnership with the Fashion Institute of Technology legitimizes shared knowledge. There are tons of sneaker blogs and learning opportunities online; however, the accreditation of the material by FIT is the reason I decided to join the online course. Similarly, the partnership with Complex validates that the course contributors are significant in sneaker culture beyond just knowledge.


Sue from Rime really stuck out in my mind. Her authentic story about creating a boutique in the early 2000s, her first collaboration with Puma, and the struggles of being independent resonated with me. She gave a great perspective around that era of the industry.


The course gave me a great perspective into the many different avenues you can take within the sneaker industry. I feel like the sneaker course gave a great overview of the industry from design to supply chain, processing, management, buying, and customer service.

My biggest takeaway from Sneaker Essentials is how vast the sneaker industry is. It often can seem like you have to fit into the mold of what major brands are looking for. However, you can truly follow your passions. You can be authentic and find a good fit for yourself if you know where to look!


Sneaker Essentials helped me decide what part of the industry I was most interested in pursuing. Having owned a tier-one independent sneaker boutique for six years, most of my vantage point comes from that angle of the industry. As I transitioned from Baltimore to NYC, Sneaker Essentials helped me narrow down my specific interests within a much wider sector and understand the endless opportunities in NYC. Ultimately, I landed a Private Client Services position at Stadium Goods. Being introduced to a more in-depth look into the SG brand and mission while taking the Sneakers Essential course impacted my decision to apply to positions at SG.

Keep up with Harrison and his growing sneaker collection by following him on Instagram @sneakerscoffeechampagne.

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