Entering the Industry: Empower Your Teams

In the beauty business, it’s important to find a way to differentiate yourself. At some point you will get recognized and move up the ladder in your beauty career. Try to learn and listen as much the beauty professionals around you and really observe. At some point in your career, you’ll get to a place where it's not only about what you do but also the other people around you. Once you start managing people, it can be a very difficult transition. When you go from producing things yourself to having to step back and kind of set the stage of what needs to happen, but not do it yourself, it’s a challenge. Empower other people to do the work and educate them on how to do it. Try to expose your teams to as much online beauty education and information as possible. Great companies have to set a culture and then attract people who are fully engaged and comfortable with that culture. This culture then nurtures the employees and is so symbiotic with their own personal beliefs that they feel fully realized in their roles. Having enough industry information and beauty education to be empowered to make your own informed decisions is key. If you don’t have full information, it thwarts you from being able to think fully about a situation. Try and make sure your beauty team has exposure to as many things as possible in the company. Full view of what the financials are, full understanding of who the retail partners are, and an understanding of what the three-year vision is for the company. Make sure people have the ability to see all of this information to make the best decisions for the company, team, and themselves with that context in mind.


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