Behind the Lens with NYU Film & TV Essentials Student Cooper White

When student filmmaker Cooper White embarked on his latest project, he started with a simple concept – a young person who feels forced into their parent’s career. But as with any good film, there is a twist – the career path is contract killing!

We won’t give away the ending but Cooper’s strong storytelling and cinematography skills are evident throughout the short film.

Cooper used the NYU Film and TV Essentials online course to learn about the process of filmmaking, especially the steps of pre-production, a part of the process he says he struggled with before. “It helped me understand how to make a storyboard, how to make a shot list, and how to plan for the best shoot possible,” he said.

Cooper uploaded his film, Pictorem, to YouTube and was honored as a finalist in the Independent Shorts Awards.

You can watch it here:


We asked Cooper what’s next in his filmmaking journey. He plans to attend film school and hopes to become an award-winning director and producer. We think he’s well on his way!

Cooper also wants to extend his gratitude to those who helped bring his vision to life. “I would like to thank everyone who made this film and the award possible for me, including the amazing faculty of the NYU Film and TV Course, as well as my encouraging parents, grandparents, and brother.”

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NBA Veteran Langston Galloway and wife Sabrina share experience building company after taking Sneaker Essentials course

Langston and Sabrina Galloway visited the Business of Sports School, a public career-based high school in New York City, to share their journey creating their sneaker brand, Ethics, and to hold a basketball clinic for students.

Langston started his NBA career with the New York Knicks in 2015 and has played for several NBA and NBA G League teams since, including three years with the Detroit Pistons. 

Just before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns, Langston took the FIT x Complex Sneaker Essentials course which inspired him to launch his brand.

Learn more about how Langston and Sabrina are giving back to the community in the video below, produced by CloseUp360.

How FIT x Complex Sneaker Essentials helped launch Ethics sneaker brand

On his experience taking Sneaker Essentials, Langston says, “[Yellowbrick was] one of the experiences that changed my life in business for the better. While finishing up the program, we had a scheduled meeting with a school in NYC. And at that exact timing, our whole world shut down. Really made me realize that tomorrow isn’t promised, and that I want to leave a legacy behind that my kids will be able to be a part of going forward in their life. The idea was born of Ethics and building a new lane! Something different that the Underdogs In This World Can Believe In!”

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After going to law school, Sabrina switched gears and headed to business school to become better prepared for building their own company. Sabrina credits the FIT x Complex Sneaker Essentials course for teaching Langston shoe design and how to break down the different parts that go into each shoe.

What is FIT x Complex Sneaker Essentials?

Sneaker Essentials is an online certificate course from the Fashion Institute of Technology. The course features experts from Complex and other professionals across the sneaker industry. Sneaker Essentials helps students build expertise in all aspects of the sneaker industry.

The video-based course includes lessons on:

  • Sneaker design and functionality
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Brand strategy and marketing
  • Publicity and media
  • Sneaker law

Sneakers Essentials is 100% online and can be taken on demand from anywhere, so students can study at their own pace. Graduates earn a certificate of completion from Fashion Institute of Technology.