NBA Veteran Langston Galloway and wife Sabrina share experience building company after taking Sneaker Essentials course

Langston and Sabrina Galloway visited the Business of Sports School, a public career-based high school in New York City, to share their journey creating their sneaker brand, Ethics, and to hold a basketball clinic for students.

Langston started his NBA career with the New York Knicks in 2015 and has played for several NBA and NBA G League teams since, including three years with the Detroit Pistons. 

Just before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns, Langston took the FIT x Complex Sneaker Essentials course which inspired him to launch his brand.

Learn more about how Langston and Sabrina are giving back to the community in the video below, produced by CloseUp360.

How FIT x Complex Sneaker Essentials helped launch Ethics sneaker brand

On his experience taking Sneaker Essentials, Langston says, “[Yellowbrick was] one of the experiences that changed my life in business for the better. While finishing up the program, we had a scheduled meeting with a school in NYC. And at that exact timing, our whole world shut down. Really made me realize that tomorrow isn’t promised, and that I want to leave a legacy behind that my kids will be able to be a part of going forward in their life. The idea was born of Ethics and building a new lane! Something different that the Underdogs In This World Can Believe In!”

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After going to law school, Sabrina switched gears and headed to business school to become better prepared for building their own company. Sabrina credits the FIT x Complex Sneaker Essentials course for teaching Langston shoe design and how to break down the different parts that go into each shoe.

What is FIT x Complex Sneaker Essentials?

Sneaker Essentials is an online certificate course from the Fashion Institute of Technology. The course features experts from Complex and other professionals across the sneaker industry. Sneaker Essentials helps students build expertise in all aspects of the sneaker industry.

The video-based course includes lessons on:

  • Sneaker design and functionality
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Brand strategy and marketing
  • Publicity and media
  • Sneaker law

Sneakers Essentials is 100% online and can be taken on demand from anywhere, so students can study at their own pace. Graduates earn a certificate of completion from Fashion Institute of Technology.

MARTkd: How To Become A Sneaker Designer

Exclusive Conversation | MARTk’d Series: Episode 1 of 6


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Sneaker Design is probably the most popular career choice for people that want to work in the sneaker industry. Design has evolved over time and we have seen everything from innovative new silhouettes to daring collabs. Daring colorways are pushing the envelope and the classics are making a comeback with a twist. All of these things happen because of the designer and the ideas that they bring to the table. Episode 1 of the MARTk’d Webinar Series will tell you everything you need to know to get in the game.  

The MARTk’d live series kicked off with How To Become A Sneaker Designer. Supported by Pensole, Yellowbrick’s Dion Walcott had a live conversation with Director/Artist/Designer Alexander John, and Dr. D’Wayne Edwards (Founder of Pensole Academy). If sneaker design is something that you’re passionate about then this is the conversation for you. They dropped gems for people who are looking to get into design and how to become relevant in the space. To see the replay, you can sign up for the viewer link by dropping your email address in the space provided above. If you are ready to take your next steps in design, whether it’s in the sneaker industry or fashion/streetwear industry, visit to find out how.

Otis x Jeff Staple Launch Investment Shares of the Nike SB Dunks Collection

Sneaker Culture comes with a lot of moving parts. It’s not just about what’s trending and what’s dropping at the moment. The sneaker industry is a booming business and there are a lot of ways to cash in. When you mix history and actual factual epic moments in, these are the things that make sneaker culture what it is. There are many players involved, brands behind the madness and stories to be told. We’ve watched buying sneakers turn into a “thing”, sneaker releases become like holidays and feelings described as being “like Jordans on Saturdays”. When did that happen? Sneaker culture is evident in all aspects of our lives and it is important to keep up with its evolution. Jeff and Otis have teamed up to take sneaker culture to another level. 

Jeff Staple, the founder and creative director of Staple Design, plays an integral role in sneaker culture, and so does Otis. They both are pioneers in areas of sneaker culture that have pushed the needle up on the culture-o-meter. The two have paired up to launch shares of the Nike SB Dunks Collection. 

Wait. Shares? 

Yep. Shares!

The Nike SB Dunks Collection is now available for purchase via the Otis App. The collection includes 5 famed Nike SB lows that have impacted sneaker history in some way shape or form. The NYC Pigeon, Heineken Dunks, What the Dunk, Raygun Dunks, and the first all suede Bison dunks are all available at $25 per share and there are 1,000 shares available for purchase. Jeff is a major Sneakerhead and he handpicked the pairs for this collection. 

Aside from the actual sneakers, the Otis x fnnch collection is also up for grabs. Each share costs $40 and there are 1,000 shares up for grabs. This collection is a series of custom-commissioned artworks by San Francisco’s street artist fnnch. His works include Three Cans of LaCroix, Greatest Hits, and Sneakers. Oddly enough, the Sneakers paintings are his personal rendition of the Nike SB Dunks from the collection. 

Sneakers have become more than just footwear, they are an investment. Whether it’s a purchase of shares on the Otis app or getting a job in the sneaker industry, there’s more to sneaker culture than meets the eye. For more information on how you can turn your passion for sneakers into cash, visit Sneaker Essentials dot com