Explore all areas of the hospitality and tourism industry with this new 100% online program from New York University (NYU), featuring leaders from across the hospitality, tourism, and travel world.
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Learn about the history and evolution of the trillion-dollar business – from hotel mergers to travel platforms to classic and unconventional ways to travel.
Explore destination demand management, generating loyalty for a brand, digital marketing, and hotel distribution.
Study types of tourism, airlines and cruise lines, attractions, destination marketing organizations, transportation, technology, and current trends.
Expand your understanding of hotel operations, the economics of the hotel business, hotel real estate, and alternative accommodations.
Explore events from festivals to conventions and gain an understanding of the vast food and beverage industry from fine restaurants to food trucks to mixology.
Recognize opportunities, and learn about entrepreneurship and solving problems on the path to building an innovative successful business.
Earn A Certificate From The Comfort Of Your Home
The program includes 6 online courses (modules). Each course is 3-5 hours, and is broken into several shorter lessons that students complete at their own pace. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a non-credit certificate of completion from NYU.

Gain Expertise

Acquire the industry knowledge you need to boost your career through 50+ on demand video lessons from NYU faculty and hospitality business insiders.

Build Skills

Course assignments and hands-on projects reinforce key knowledge and help you build career skills.

Stand Out

Earn a Certificate of Completion from NYU’s renowned Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality to add to your resume.

Instructors and industry experts
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Markets Insider
Markets Insider
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Many individuals have a passion for travel, and this particular program provides them with the information they need to turn that desire to see the world into a fulfilling career in industry sectors that afford a huge number of job opportunities.
Hotel Business
Hotel Business
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This non-degree course, which offers instruction from Tisch Center faculty members and industry experts, will help to prepare learners for careers in the travel and tourism market, which has grown to $185 billion in the U.S. alone.
Lodging Magazine
Lodging Magazine
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It’s really an introduction to the industry that we hope will enable students to develop a greater interest in hospitality and make a more informed decision about how to proceed.