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Footwear Business Foundations includes five on-demand courses covering topics such as Footwear Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship, Managing Footwear Production, Building Your Footwear Brand, Footwear Marketing Strategies, and Retailing and Distribution. Total length of each course is 2-3 hours, and each course is broken into several shorter modules and activities that students complete at their own pace.

Courses are taught by the Fashion Institute of Technology faculty. Students will also receive career insights from industry experts and leaders.

There are no prerequisites to participate. All you need is a passion for the footwear industry and learning.

Students must be at least 13 to participate.

Footwear Business Essentials is a non-credit program. Students who successfully complete the program will earn a non-credit certificate in Footwear Business Essentials from FIT.

By the end of the course, you will have developed skills and knowledge for a footwear entrepreneur or advance a career in the footwear business. In addition, you will have received a non-credit certificate from FIT that you can proudly add to your LinkedIn profile and your resume. It is a credential that can open doors to a future in the footwear industry. Plus, you will have explored the various career paths in the industry and identified your areas of passion and the career possibilities within the world of footwear.

Whenever you like — the program is entirely self-paced and on-demand. So you can study and access the program lessons whenever and wherever you want.

It varies from person to person, but be prepared to work hard and dedicate about 30-40 hours in total.

With your enrollment, you will have unlimited access to the entire program for one year from the day you enroll in the program.

After one year, if you need more time to complete the program, you will have an option to pay a monthly subscription fee to continue your access to the program materials.

We want you to succeed (and we love the environment)! That’s why we’ve kept all program materials online. You can access and review the materials whenever you like through the course login page, which you’ll receive once you enroll — all you need is an internet-connected device.

Class videos or materials are not downloadable. However, once enrolled, you will have unlimited access to all videos and materials for 12 months.

You can access the program on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, but the best experience is on your computer.

People with all levels of experience, and in all stages of their career benefit from enrolling in Footwear Business Foundations. But you will have something in common with all of our students — a passion for the footwear business and a desire to build a successful career doing what you love! Our students might aspire to start their own footwear business, already be working in the industry and looking to get ahead, or working in a different sector looking to switch careers. They might be heading to college, in college, or just out of college and want to build skills and gain valuable experience that will set them apart in a hyper-competitive industry. They might be your future professional and personal network in the footwear world. They might be like you — a future leader in the world of footwear!

This certificate will lay the groundwork for you to pursue your goals in whatever direction you choose. You might even find that you want to deepen your knowledge further. If you do, Yellowbrick and FIT have you covered with additional non-credit certificate programs in Sneaker Essentials.


The entire program’s cost, including all five-course modules, related activities, and a Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Certificate of Completion upon finishing, is $999. There are also installment payment plans available, starting as low as $99/month. Complete pricing will be sent to you upon acceptance into the program.


To receive your FIT Certificate of Completion, you’ll need to have all installments paid in full and have completed all program requirements.

We accept almost any type of credit or debit card. So if you have a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, or Discover card, we’ll accept it. If you enroll outside the United States, tuition is charged in your local currency at the prevailing currency exchange rate.

No. However, we offer subscription options that allow you to pay a monthly fee instead of a single lump sum. Our mission is to make education accessible, which means also offering different options to access the program. You can pay upfront, of course, or you can enroll in a subscription option. Complete details on pricing and subscription options will be sent to you upon acceptance into the program.

Through the generosity of partners, we also have some scholarship programs available to students who qualify. You can learn more about scholarships and apply here.

The application for Footwear Business Foundations is entirely online and only takes a few minutes to complete. You can apply here:

That’s easy. Once we have received your tuition payment, your spot is secured. As soon as your class cohort opens, you will receive a welcome email with your login instructions, and you can begin immediately. The program is 100% online and self-paced so that you can complete it on your schedule.

You can withdraw from a session hassle-free and at no cost within 24 hours of enrollment. After that, you have up to 7 days to withdraw and get a full refund, minus a $100 cancellation fee. No refunds will be issued for enrollments past seven days. For subscription options, you may cancel before the renewal of your subscription by emailing (see Terms of Service).


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