The Ultimate Fashion Styling Career Guide

Are you curious about the styling industry and all that it encompasses? This guide will lead you to your ultimate career in fashion.

Styling has existed for centuries, but the industry has experienced increased visibility dating back to the early 2000s with the rise of the celebrity stylist. 

The styling industry is a unique place where creativity and business collide. Styling is more than just dressing celebrities for public appearances. The opportunities within styling are vast, and each requires different skill sets. Whether you are interested in becoming an editorial stylist, a fashion consultant or personal stylist, or something else entirely, there is room for you in this rapidly growing industry. The industry has expanded to include everything from wardrobe styling, personal shopping, prop styling, freelance editorial styling, fashion journalism, and costume design.

The Ultimate Fashion Styling Career Guide is your source to discover careers and learn entry points into the styling industry. In addition to providing information on different career paths available, we also offer exercises on how to begin your career and highlight important skills to help you succeed. In this guide, you can explore the jobs that drive the market, then search for your perfect career by area of interest, skills, companies, or industry experts. 

The ultimate fashion styling career guide

Learn about your skills and interests, identify career options you might pursue, and implement a successful strategy to attain your desired career outcomes.

In this guide, you’ll find the following information:

  • Overview of the styling industry
  • Future of fashion styling
  • Fashion Styling Career Library
  • Career Planning Strategy to get into the styling industry

You’ll also find simple exercises that help you:

  • form a career planning strategy to get into the styling industry
  • find your passion for styling and identify an area of interest to pursue
  • learn the industry through top agencies, brands, and its key players
  • identify your skills and match them to a place of interest

Looking to learn more about the fashion styling industry, the opportunities in styling, or build the skills you need? Explore our styling course — Fashion Styling Foundations — featuring FIT and WWD to learn the ins and outs of the industry while building your expertise to break into the field.

Your Ultimate Career Guide Into The Styling Industry

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