The Music Production Process & Workflows To Help You Finish A Track

In-depth production checklists (also available as a PDF) that's designed to help you finish your tracks.

There are hundreds of choices you make as you produce a song. Because of this, you can lose sight of finishing a track as you craft the sonic details of your song. This also makes having a process an essential part of the music production journey. Adhering to a process will help you see big picture ideas while keeping each step moving along smoothly. In this guide, you’ll learn how much music production checklists are an essential part of your production workflow. Establishing a workflow through checklists balances two aspects for success for the new music producer. First, creativity. And second, objectivity. Combining creativity with a process will ensure that your music can be of the highest quality.

Music Production Checklists to help you finish your track

To help you build and develop your workflow, we have created this introductory music production guide that includes checklists. This guide is for beginning audio producers or anyone who needs help finishing their tracks. Yellowbrick’s Music Production Process & Workflows To Help You Finish Your Track is a resource to learn about the different stages in music production and introduce workflows. In collaboration with Classick Studio’s Matt Audio Dope, a producer and audio engineer (credits: Kari Faux, Akeem, Qari, King Marie, and more), this guide includes checklists that’ll help you during your pre-engineering, mixing, and mastering processes.

In this guide you’ll find the following information:

  • The benefits of developing workflows in music production
  • The reasons producers need checklists
  • A breakdown of the Music Production Process — from composition to mastering
  • Music Production workflows

You’ll find the following music production checklists:

  • Pre-Engineering Checklist
  • Mixing Checklist
  • Mastering Checklist

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Music Production Checklists For New Producers

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