Explore key elements of UX — deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and their limitations, while also taking into account the business goals and objectives behind the project.
Learn how to assess the needs, behaviors, and desires of a product’s end user through qualitative and quantitative methods and determine the best outcome within the time, budgetary and resource constraints of the project.
Explore how to use empathic user-centered design to understand a user’s context and interpret how they use and extract value from a product, and then apply these insights into a design.
Visual design plays a key role in creating successful products. Learn how text, colors, images, shapes, textures, volume, and the use of negative space are used to enhance the overall design and user interaction.
Explore the future of UX design: multi-sensory interaction, voice integration, automation and big data, personalization, and intuitive/predictive AI that allows users to interact with technology in a human-like way.

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