Student Success: Kade Butler, Nike

Sneaker Essentials Graduate. Sneakerhead. Basketball Fan.

Yellowbrick Students Go Places

Our students come to Yellowbrick with different backgrounds, stories, interests, and levels of expertise, but all share the same drive and passion for pursuing their dream. They’re what makes Yellowbrick what it is: a home for creatives to learn, grow, and connect.

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Student Success: Michael Pardovany, New Balance

Sneaker Essentials Graduate. Innovator. Product Developer for Lifestyle at New Balance.

Student Success: Victoria Marie Hoppe

Sneaker Essentials Graduate. Fashion enthusiast. Marketing Director for Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide.

Student Success: Shelby Spurlin, Le Tote

Fashion Business Essentials Graduate. Fashion and Beauty Blogger. Assistant Buyer at Le Tote.

Student Success: Rachelle Etienne-Robinson, Substantial Art & Music

Film & TV Industry Essentials Graduate. Co-CEO of Substantial Art & Music. Creative Director of Black Dress Exhibit.

Student Success: Sophie Sumner, Actress

Film & TV Essentials Graduate. Actress. America’s Next Top Model Winner.

Student Success: Ebony C. Watson

Sneaker Essentials Graduate. Advocate. Digital Creator.

Student Success: Kieran Coyle, The Sole Supplier

Sneaker Essentials Graduate. Digital Creator. Content Writer for The Sole Supplier.

Student Success: Cory Munlyn, Fresh Pedestrian

Fashion Industry Essentials Graduate. Custom Apparel Designer. Entrepreneur.

Student Success: Macy Blankenship

Music Industry Essentials Graduate. Music Photographer. Aspiring Marketer & Publicist.

Student Success: Gene Feliz, Musician

Music Industry Essentials Graduate. Independent Hip-Hop Artist & Songwriter.

Student Success: Reid Conlon, Hyatt Chelsea

Hospitality and Touring Essentials Graduate. Future Travel Professional. Grad Student.

Student Success: Gianna Uzzo

Beauty Industry Essentials Graduate. Future Beauty Marketer.


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