Yellowbrick Highlights Student Entrepreneurs for Black Business Month

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Whether it’s designers or entrepreneurs, the Yellowbrick student community is a great place to find budding talent. A lot of our students are already in the game but are taking our courses to level up their skill. They are looking to learn from the teachers and experts featured in Yellowbrick programs to elevate their existing brands and sharpen their skillset. Since August is Black Business Month, we created a place to highlight some of the black-owned businesses that were founded by students in our courses. 

The landing page for these brands can be found here and when you click on the select squares, you can visit the pages and shop. These businesses offer everything from t-shirts to hoodies to coffee to skin care products. This landing page was created  to amplify these black-owned businesses and services to our Yellowbrick community. Please take the time to visit the page and take a look at what some of these brands have to offer. We will be adding to this list as the year progresses so be sure to check back in from time to time. 

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