Webinar Recap | April Walker Talks Mental Health & Wellness for “Survive & Thrive” Part 2

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The year 2020 has proven to be a lesson for everyone. When January 1st came around, it is fair to say that no one knew what to expect. By March, the world was looking into the unknown without a clue as to what would happen next. Lives changed, daily routines were disturbed and it took a while for people to figure it out. Mental Health is always important but in these trying times, it is a major key. Developing a routine and coping skills to keep a level head is important. Even if your path is carved, developing ways to keep your mental health in check, can do more good, than harm. 


In honor of World Mental Health Day (October 10th), we will be revisiting the Survive & Thrive 2 Part Webinar series with Streetwear Essentials contributor and Walkerwear founder, April Walker. For Part 2, she discussed the importance of mental health and wellness in general but more importantly, during these trying times. She touched on what it was like working in the streetwear industry, the toll it took on her and how she was able to maintain and be successful. While everyone has to do what works for them, it is important to share the types of things people can do to stay mentally (and physically) well. Therapy is expensive and not an option for everyone. Meditation, exercise, healthy eating, and other things can lead to a positive road to solid mental health. Listening, taking notes, and applying what could work for you is helpful to start. 


Press play on the webinar above. Be sure to bring a pen and paper because the tips are plentiful. 


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