“So I Could…” | Noelle Nelson Guerrero

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Name: Noelle Nelson Guerrero
Course: Fundamentals of Global Sports Management

I enrolled in the Fundamentals of Global Sports Management course so I could..
stay on top of my game and goals towards becoming a knowledgeable Sports Industry Professional.

How did the course prepare you for working in the sports industry?
I have acquired great knowledge and feel much more confident in pursuing work and career in sports.

How did the partnership with NYU for Fundamentals of Global Sports Management affect your choice to take the program?
The fact that it was offered by NYU was a definite reason for choosing this program because of the access to the faculty an, reputation d well established Sports programs it represents. I was happy to be able to attend NYU courses through a well programmed platform residing in another state of California.

What is your biggest takeaway from this program?
The program was impressive and informative. I especially appreciate how up to date and current the material is and the visual media incorporated was done very well. I am very appreciative that I was able to enroll in this program with the offer to apply for a partial scholarship to help with the costs. I learned a lot about the history and future of sports and was challenged with the course questions and marketing project which I found to be a great way to apply the material. It was the right amount of required assignments and I didn’t feel too overwhelmed. I’ve acquired and retained good useful information. I like that you can study at your own pace and time to complete the certificate. Such a Great! program for anyone interested in the Sports Industry.

What assignment, course, and/or instructor sticks out in your mind or taught you something valuable?
Vince Gennaro lectures and insight about Blockchain in sports. I appreciated the history timeline presentation and courses Media Marketing, Data Analytics and Global Ecosystem both instructors were awesome.

What would you say to a friend about Fundamentals of Global Sports Management?
If you are interested in learning about all aspects of the sports industry presented in a relevant, useful well developed presentation of curriculum and delivered by sports industry veterans, true sports professionals and educators this is the course to take, you will enjoy the content and won’t regret the decision to enroll. You will obtain a well earned NYU Certificate to add to your education accomplishments.

Developed in partnership with the faculty of NYU’s Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport, this program explores foundations and emerging trends in global sports business.

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