MARTkd: How To Become A Sneaker Designer

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Exclusive Conversation | MARTk’d Series: Episode 1 of 6


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Sneaker Design is probably the most popular career choice for people that want to work in the sneaker industry. Design has evolved over time and we have seen everything from innovative new silhouettes to daring collabs. Daring colorways are pushing the envelope and the classics are making a comeback with a twist. All of these things happen because of the designer and the ideas that they bring to the table. Episode 1 of the MARTk’d Webinar Series will tell you everything you need to know to get in the game.  

The MARTk’d live series kicked off with How To Become A Sneaker Designer. Supported by Pensole, Yellowbrick’s Dion Walcott had a live conversation with Director/Artist/Designer Alexander John, and Dr. D’Wayne Edwards (Founder of Pensole Academy). If sneaker design is something that you’re passionate about then this is the conversation for you. They dropped gems for people who are looking to get into design and how to become relevant in the space. To see the replay, you can sign up for the viewer link by dropping your email address in the space provided above. If you are ready to take your next steps in design, whether it’s in the sneaker industry or fashion/streetwear industry, visit to find out how.

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