How To Become A Dramaturg

Dramaturgs research historical information to ensure the accuracy of theatrical production.

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What does a Dramaturg do?

Dramaturgy is the study of dramatic composition. Dramaturgs research historical information to ensure the accuracy of theatrical production. They develop an encyclopedic knowledge of operas, musicals, and plays. Dramaturgs use their expertise to provide details and guidance to playwrights, directors, and artistic directors so that they better understand the source material for the production. Some of the information Dramaturgs study and rely on during productions include the details about the life of the original librettist or playwright. What could have inspired the playwright, and any cultural or political events of the time that may have impacted the production.

How much does a this career make?

According to Ziprecruiter, Dramaturgs maintain a national annual salary of $51,826, which is an hourly wage of $24.92. Entry-level dramaturgs start around $29,500 annually. Senior-level dramaturgs make an annual average of $61,000. The range in salary widely depends on factors including skill, seniority level, and location.

What impact does this career have towards the performing arts industry?

Dramaturgs are the historians of the performing arts. They are the connective link to the past and present of theatre. Though the job sounds research heavy, dramaturgs can significantly impact the creative process. Their knowledge can influence changes in set design, wardrobe, and dialogue.

What is the job outlook for a Dramaturg?

Although the performing arts sector struggled with revenue loss in 2020, revenue is projected to rebound by 2025. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job opportunities for producers (including Dramaturgs) are expected to grow by 24% during the 2020-2030 decade (

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Mandy Gonzalez, dramaturg

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Mandy Gonzalez

Broadway performer, Performing Arts Industry Essentials

Credits: Hamilton, In The Heights, Wicked, Dance of the Vampires

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