Streetwear Apparel Designer

Apparel Designers are responsible for creating new styles for streetwear brands.

What does an Apparel Designer do?

Apparel Designers are responsible for creating new styles for streetwear brands. They also conceptualize designs that are in line with the brand’s creative direction, consumer focus, and price point. Designers perform market analysis and research new products and fabrics. In addition, they work in tandem with trend forecasters to pitch ideas to creative directors and develop products that are relevant.

How much does this career make?

According to Ziprecruiter, Apparel Designers maintain a national annual salary of $54,875, which is an hourly wage of $26.38. In general, entry-level designers start around $38,500 annually. On the other hand, senior-level designers make an annual average of $78,000. The range in salary widely depends on factors including skill and seniority level.

What impact does this career have towards the streetwear industry?

Apparel Designers have their ears to the ground when it comes to creating culturally relevant designs. Moreover, they have an understanding of what the market wants at the moment and what will hold up over time. They comfortably shift between those demands and define new, unexpected trends.

What is the job outlook for an Apparel Designer?

Global apparel revenue is forecasted to grow to $2.25 trillion by 2025. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job opportunities for fashion designers (including Apparel Designers) are expected to show little to no change during the 2019-2029 decade (

Don C, Apparel Designer

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Don C
Streetwear Essentials contributor, Founder & Designer at Just Don

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