Faculty from NYU’s Clive Davis Institute, together with leaders from across the music world, will teach you about the key areas, and related career opportunities in the rapidly changing music industry.

Boost Your Career

Build your music industry skills and expertise in key areas such as:
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Revenue streams
  • Image development
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Explore the path from an idea to a song, the evolving role of the record producer, and the development of music in the digital age.
Follow the money – the music industry is a complicated, multi-billion dollar business. Learn about deals, licensing, management, publishing, and more.
Dive into performance, authenticity, and artist personas on the path to helping an artist achieve – and maximize – their potential.
Understand the importance and impact of sharing your story and avenues to connect, from social media to journalism to fan engagement.
Gain insight into the intricate process of producing a record from production philosophy to the role of music producers.
Learn how to identify your audience and master emerging marketing channels.
Level up. On YOUR schedule.
The program includes 6 online course modules, and related skill-building activities. Each module is 3-5 hours, and is broken into several shorter lessons that students complete at their own pace. Students earn a non-credit certificate of completion from NYU.

Learn The Business

Gain insider knowledge around key areas of the industry with 50+ on-demand video lessons, and build real-world skills through self-paced projects and assignments.

Map Your Career

Discover all the various paths in the music industry, and get first-hand tips and advice on how to achieve your career goals from the biggest names in the business.

Boost Your Cred

Learn from faculty from the renowned Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, and earn a Certificate of Completion from NYU to add to your profile.

Instructors and Industry Experts
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Dion NormanMusic Industry Essentials Graduate
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I'm a four time Ascap Award Winner with a bunch of credits in the industry but I remain teachable. This is a very complex game and Music Industry Essentials will definitely help you sustain a career on whatever level you choose to operate on.
Simone ArzoomanianMusic Industry Essentials Graduate
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The curriculum is extremely detailed, and the professors/industry experts are very articulate. They explain the ins and outs of the course in a way that translates easily to learners. Being able to complete the course at my own pace was also a huge plus for me since I work full time.

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