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The New School faculty, alongside published authors and writers across the media industry, help you learn essential skills to write concise and compelling messages for new media and digital channels. This comprehensive media writing course covers lessons on how to write for social media and commercial audiences, online publishing platforms, press releases, proposals, podcasts, lifestyle writing, and other feature genres.

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Instructors and industry experts

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Self-paced assignments and hands-on projects reinforce critical knowledge and help develop writing skills in key areas including:

  • Prewriting Processes & Strategies
  • Interviewing: Preparation, Techniques & Ethics
  • Crafting Pitches & Book Proposals
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Self-Publishing: Personal Websites, Blog Posts & Social Publishing Platforms


Learn from leading academic and writing professionals with on-demand video lessons, and develop real-world skills through self-paced projects and assignments to write concise and compelling messages.

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Gain practical understanding through real-world examples, and get first-hand tips on how to develop an idea into a story and advice on career paths available to the passionate storyteller.

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Earn a Certificate of Achievement in Media Writing Essentials from the world-renowned The New School to add to your profile and help you stand out from the rest.

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The media writing program includes 5 online course modules and related skill-building activities. Each module is 3-5 hours and is broken into several shorter lessons that students complete at their own pace. Students earn a non-credit certificate of completion from The New School.

The Landscape of Letters: An Introduction

Learn about the evolving history of written content and popular media, and the digital era’s landscape of writing-centered careers. Examine what makes a good story, the ways to become a professional writer, and today’s writer’s market.

Prewriting: Before You Write a Word
Navigate the processes that give a story its form and direction while determining your audience. Learn how to organize your ideas, conduct research on your topic, interview sources, find funding, develop the story, decide on a format, and plan your piece’s structure.
Writing in Practice
Understand the writing process from the first draft, revision, and final draft while exploring different genres from lifestyle writing to culture and art criticism, and what it’s like in “the newsroom.” Learn how to write pitches and proposals, as well as how to work with an editor.
Writing For The Web
Examine what makes a blog paragraph different from one in print and how the demands of Google and SEO can influence what you write, and how to measure your writing. Understand all the ways a changing media landscape affects writing and ways a writer needs to keep up with evolving demands on storytelling.
The Professional Writer Today
Learn the power to adapt and study how the media industry changes, embrace new forms of media and find opportunities. Examine how to monetize your work from self-publishing, gig work and marketplaces, full-time writing, traditional publishing, and business practices for a freelance writer.

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