20 HBCUs To Host The First Esports Homecoming Classic

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The Coronavirus pandemic has tasked people with trying to keep doing what they were doing despite the restrictions. Some colleges and universities opened back up with strict campus rules and regulations for safety. Most schedules moved to virtual programming and some sports leagues were put on hold. These new rules also included canceling annual events that marked tradition and helped create a bond within the student community. Homecoming activities happen at all colleges and universities. At Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Homecoming is tradition. There are all kinds of activities involving sports, fraternities and sororities, school clubs, and more. Homecoming is where memories are made and institutions are still trying to give students the experience.

In efforts to keep up with tradition despite the changes, 20 HBCUs from all over the country are hosting a virtual Esports Homecoming Classic event on December 5, 2020. Sponsored by Twitch and Zaxby’s, the event includes tournaments in Madden ‘21 and NBA 2K21. Students who participate and advance to become finalists have a chance to win $5,000 in scholarships and other prizes. Rapper and now gamer Souljah Boy will be performing and radio personality “Fly Guy” DC will be hosting the event. This is the first ever endeavor from The Yard, a new collaboration between the HBCU Esports Alliance and CSL College. Oddly enough, “The Yard” is the nickname used to reference campus on HBCUs.

“We are pleased to have great partners like Twitch and Zaxby’s join us in our first event supporting the advancement of HBCUs in the gaming and esports industries,” Rod Chappell, General Manager/Associate Commissioner of HEA and CEO of HBCU Direct said in a release. “Without partners like them, accomplishing our overall mission of driving workforce development from HBCUs would be impossible. We are already preparing for year two of the Classic.”

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