Khalil and Ahmed Abdullah have been playing games since the age of 3. They carried this passion into their adult lives and transformed it into a career. Shortly after college they decided to form Decoy Games and enter the gaming industry. Relying on their foundations of being self-taught, self-funded, and self-published developers, they built their inaugural game Swimsanity! for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam. Outside of development, Decoy Games is devoted to promoting innovation and inclusivity in the gaming industry.


Yellowbrick believes that a student’s personal passion and hustle – rather than financial resources – should determine how far they can go. Along with our partners, our aim is to empower students who are passionate about gaming to pursue rewarding career opportunities that can spark their interest and open doors to a fulfilling future.

Yellowbrick’s programs have the potential to change students lives by:

  • Providing a valuable credential, in the form of a certificate from a leading university, that will help open doors to career opportunities that students may not have otherwise known about
  • Developing real-world skills that empower students to seize these opportunities
  • Informing choices and helping students build an actionable roadmap toward setting and accomplishing career goals
  • Inspiring dreams and building the confidence and know-how to pursue them

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