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Streetwear Essentials

Explore all aspects of the streetwear industry, discover related careers, and build your skills with this online program from Parsons School of Design and Complex, featuring many recognized leaders from across the streetwear world.

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What to Expect

Learn the Business

Gain valuable industry knowledge through on-demand video lessons and experiences, and acquire real-world skills through self-paced projects.

Boost Your Cred

Learn from the renowned Parsons School of Design faculty and earn a Certificate of Completion from Parsons to add to your profile.

Map Your Career

Learn about all the various career paths in the streetwear industry, and get first-hand tips and advice on achieving your goals from the biggest names in the business.

  • Module 1: Streetwear Origins

    With reflections from iconic designers and industry experts, trace streetwear’s evolution from its origins in niche counter-cultures to its standing as a force in fashion.

  • Module 2: Designing Streetwear

    Learn how to turn inspiration into garments with lessons on brand narrative and identity, typography and logos, materials, tech packs, and sampling.

  • Module 3: Marketing, Branding and Visual Communication

    Dive into marketing strategy—identifying your market, utilizing media, creating marketing materials, understanding trade shows and brand activations.

  • Module 4: The Future Of Streetwear Retail and Distribution

    Understand retail and its future: how will VR and AR, new models of e-commerce, 3D/4D printing, and direct-to-consumer sales change the face of retail?

  • Module 5: Business and Entrepreneurship

    Take a look into the business of fashion: learn how and where to sell products, if you’re ready for retail, and advice on strategic partnerships.

Industry Experts

Vicky Hoppe’s Journey To Nike

Yellowbrick graduate, Vicky Hoppe, talks about how she landed a job at Nike, career tips, and women empowerment in the sneaker space.

Student Success: Billy Petts, Inspiration Clothing

Sneaker Essentials and Streetwear Essentials Graduate. Fashion Designer. Owner and Creative Director at Inspiration Clothing.

The course forces you to make the building blocks of a clothing brand. Right down to business plan, target market, potential story layouts, pop-up shops— you name it. At the end of this course, I found myself with an actual written business plan which I never thought I would have or need. So now, I have something professional to build off from.

Billy Petts

Streetwear Essentials Graduate

Great certification to add to your resume. The course touched on every aspect of the industry. It highlighted a nice category of the fashion industry that I am interested in pursuing a career in.

Kaylea Daniellan

Streetwear Essentials Graduate

The business and entrepreneurship advice and experience I learned was very eye-opening information. First, I learned a lot about starting a streetwear brand and which approach would be best suited for the distribution of my future projects. The course also prepared me to deal with collaborators and investors in an orderly manner. Finally, I received a lot of advice on keeping my brand original while sustaining full control and ownership over it.

Aldan McGee

Streetwear Essentials Graduate


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Wondering where Streetwear Essentials can take you?

The world of streetwear is fast-paced, and the possibilities are practically endless — inspiring people to become creative directors, designers, marketers, photographers, and more. What does streetwear look like as a career choice? Explore the many paths you can take after completing this online course.

Industry Insights & Resources

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A step-by-step guide to turn your passion for streetwear into a career.

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Understand the basics of branding and the impact of branding in the streetwear industry.

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This online course is an opportunity to learn about the streetwear industry from faculty at Parsons, Complex industry experts, and other contributors with significant experience in the business.

Streetwear Essentials is catered specifically to learn about the streetwear market. Students will understand this niche industry, as well as the unique challenges and needs to develop or manage a streetwear brand.

In comparison, Fashion Industry Essentials goes over the fashion industry as a whole, and Fashion Business focuses on the business aspects of fashion. Students may find it helpful to participate in multiple courses to round out their knowledge of several relevant areas to building a successful brand.

Students will learn about the steps successful streetwear brands have taken to get where they are within the course videos. These lessons revolve around design, branding, marketing, distribution, and more. Students will also complete assignments that have real world applications and can be tailored to address their business.

Yes! Students have access to a Facebook group exclusively for students. We encourage students to network with peers and share their projects in the group.

The program is $999 with a one-time payment, or we have monthly payment plans starting at $99 a month. There are scholarships available that can help reduce the cost.

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