How To Apply For A Scholarship

First, watch CloseUp360’s special video feature (below) on NBA champion Caron Butler’s impact during Juneteenth Day and the social justice movement. Second, fill out the scholarship application (below), tell us which Yellowbrick course will help you follow your dreams, and write an essay (minimum 300 words) or post a public video link on YouTube or Instagram (minimum 1 minute) that Caron himself will review. Your essay or video should discuss how Caron’s community work had an impact on you, your thoughts on the social justice movement, how the country can take action and what you can do to help create change. Please submit your form, along with the written essay or video link, by Friday, November 6th. Those with the most impactful essays or videos will be chosen by Caron as the 25 scholarship winners. Caron will then announce the winners after he reviews all of the essays and videos.

Caron Butler

Former NBA star Caron Butler is currently an NBA analyst for Turner Sports, a game analyst for the Washington Wizards and a member of the Los Angeles Lakers pre- and post-game show team. In addition, he hosts a podcast called “The Tuff Juice Podcast,” hosts a virtual roundtable series for the NBA as part of their “NBA Together” initiative and is a producer with CloseUp360.


Taking a 360-degree view of all things off the court, CloseUp360 is a lifestyle media platform and production company for all basketball players, with a primary focus on the NBA—from the stars and role players to the international standouts. CloseUp360 offers an immersive look inside players’ lives outside the lines. Topics include players’ journeys, personal branding, career development, hometown impact, international growth and lifestyle interests.

Scholarship Details

Caron will provide 25 Yellowbrick scholarships to students and graduates from his alma mater, Washington Park High School in Racine, Wisconsin, as well as any national high school student and recent graduate through an essay contest on social justice.

These scholarships will apply to any of these Yellowbrick programs taught by professors at prestigious universities: Sneaker Essentials, Fashion Industry Essentials, Streetwear Essentials, Music Industry Essentials, Fundamentals of Global Sports Management, Gaming and Esports Industry Essentials, Beauty Industry Essentials, and Hospitality and Tourism Industry Essentials.

Yellowbrick believes that a student’s personal passion and hustle—rather than financial resources—should determine how far they can go. Our aim is to expose students who are passionate about areas like sports, fashion, sneakers, music, beauty, gaming and esports to pursue rewarding career opportunities that can spark their interest and open doors to a fulfilling future.

Yellowbrick’s programs have the potential to change students lives by:

  • Providing a valuable credential, in the form of a certificate from a leading university, that will help open doors to career opportunities that students may not have otherwise known about.
  • Developing real-world skills that empower students to seize these opportunities.
  • Informing choices and helping students build an actionable roadmap toward setting and accomplishing career goals.
  • Inspiring dreams and building the confidence and know-how to pursue them

Caron’s scholarship is to empower high school students and recent graduates to pursue careers in whatever they are passionate about, whether that is sports, fashion, sneakers, music, beauty, streetwear, gaming, esports and related fields.

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