Cashmere Nicole

Cashmere Nicole is the founder and CEO of the popular cosmetics line Beauty Bakerie, and a beauty industry trailblazer.

Cashmere’s inspiration for starting Beauty Bakerie sprang from her love of the arts. With a natural knack for creating and after past dreams of becoming an architect, Cashmere found her love for makeup artistry. Beauty Bakerie’s motto, “Be Better, not Bitter,” says a lot about the inspiration behind the sweetly named brand. Cashmere’s view on life and business, to be sweet and sweeten the lives of others, is especially inspiring considering the hardships she faced along the way to founding Beauty Bakerie. Cashmere views mistakes only as learning opportunities, and wishes to inspire others to see the very best in people.

Scholarship Details

Yellowbrick believes that a student’s personal passion and hustle – rather than financial resources – should determine how far they can go. Our aim is to expose students who are passionate about areas like fashion, sports, beauty, or sneakers to pursue rewarding career opportunities that can spark their interest and open doors to a fulfilling future.

Yellowbrick’s programs have the potential to change students lives by:

  • Providing a valuable credential, in the form of a certificate from a leading university, that will help open doors to career opportunities that students may not have otherwise known about
  • Developing real-world skills that empower students to seize these opportunities
  • Informing choices and helping students build an actionable roadmap toward setting and accomplishing career goals
  • Inspiring dreams and building the confidence and know-how to pursue them
The Cashmere Nicole scholarship is for mothers looking for accessible educational opportunities that empower them to pursue their dreams.  


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