Explore all areas of the cannabis industry with this new 100% online program from University of California at Berkeley, featuring leaders from across the commercial, medical and recreational cannabis industry.
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The history of the modern cannabis industry is short, but rich. The origins of cannabis reach back centuries.
The media and marketing areas of cannabis represent a new – and often challenging – frontier. Learn from pioneers what to expect moving forward.
Medical cannabis is a vital area within the industry. As medical and health professionals learn more about applications of cannabis, the career opportunities grow more diverse.
The cannabis industry is growing under unusual circumstances. Uneven legalization, a shifting regulatory landscape, and patchwork policy requires agility and adaptability.
Although tied to cannabis, the hemp industry presents different challenges and significantly larger areas of opportunity in commercial and industrial use across other industries.
The cannabis industry science and tech goes far beyond growing. Learn how new technology and science is developing around a rapidly growing industry.

Yellowbrick is uniquely positioned to introduce the cannabis industry to a growing market  

With cannabis legal for either medicinal or recreational use in 44 states and throughout Canada, the job market & industry opportunities are growing dramatically. Public sentiment in the US in favor of legal cannabis is at an all-time high. And industry experts call the cannabis industry home to “America’s hidden job boom” with 300k jobs in 2019 (a 44% increase from 2018).  

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Acquire the industry knowledge you need to boost your career through 50+ on demand video lessons from Berkeley faculty and cannabis business insiders.

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Course assignments and hands-on projects reinforce key knowledge and help you build career skills.

Stand Out

Earn a Certificate of Completion from UC Berkeley's renowned Rausser College of Natural Resources to add to your resume.

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