A focused experience where leading instructors and mentors help bring your design dreams to life. Complete a team challenge, pitch to industry luminaries and show off your skills and vision. Plus, the best of the best will see their work take center stage and come to life …

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Here's what you'll be up to ...

At Yellowbrick, we’re out to help today’s aspiring designers, entrepreneurs and future industry execs bring their creative and career dreams to life. If you’ve studied in our Fashion Industry Essentials program, or are currently rocking through #SneakerSchool, this program will bring key insights and knowledge to life.

Our Fashion x Sneakers x Sports bootcamp features industry mentors and faculty coaching students through a design challenge guaranteed to help further your development in the industry.

More than a camp where you focus on the stitch and sew, the Yellowbrick experience is all about exposure to all of the ways you can grow as a professional in the field.

Get instruction and feedback from industry pros

#SneakerSchool lead faculty Sarah Mullins from FIT and our own David Granderson Jr. are leading on the faculty front. Enteprenuers like Dee-Nyce, Ray Polanco Jr. and Chris “COSeezy” Strachan are coming through to share their stories, and offer advice, tips and feedback as you work through the design challenge.

Plus, we’ve got a great line-up of special guests slated to stop by. Executives from the industry, investors, and advisors are ready to share their stories, experiences and knowledge around how to make that next step forward.

Do work, pitch work, make it work.

The main focus of the bootcamp is the design challenge. You’ll work in teams to elevate a creative concept — centered around a sneaker — and extended into other streetwear forms. Teams will concept, create and refine the elements of design util you’re ready for show time. Thursday’s pitch panel will give you the experience of delivering your dreams in front of a panel. The best part — the winning team will see their custom kicks come to life thorugh our collaboration with Ubiq and UBIQLAB!

Some of the other details you’ll need …

Traveling to NYC for the bootcamp? Snag our travel and lodging details here. Because of the plethora of housing and transport options in NYC and its surrounds — you can stay anywhere that’s within an hour of the bootcamp, and generally be good to go. That said, we’ve got some hotel options for you. Apply today, and we’ll send you the travel guide. 

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