Yellowbrick Launches Footwear Business Foundations

Learn how to build your own footwear business with Footwear Business Foundations — the new online course from Yellowbrick created in partnership with the Fashion Institute of Technology and Footwear News. Completely online, on-demand, and self-paced, the course is led by faculty from FIT and experts for Footwear News. Furthermore, students who finish the online course will walk away with a comprehensive footwear project to add to their portfolio and receive a non-credit Certificate of Completion from FIT.

Footwear Business Foundations

Footwear Business Foundations is broken down into five modules: 

  • Footwear Entrepreneurship And Intrapreneurship
  • Managing Footwear Production, Branding
  • Footwear Marketing Strategies
  • Retailing And Distribution

To get an in-depth look at the course catalog and learn more about each module, request more information here. Students will complete assignments and projects in product development, brand identity, and data-driven retail. They will also receive instruction from Chris Wichert, co-founder of KOIO; Sarah Mullins, assistant chair footwear and accessories design program, FIT; Michael Atmore, Chief Brand Officer, Fairchild Media Group and Editorial Director, Footwear News; Sarah Flint, Founder & Designer, Sarah Flint Designer Shoes.

Footwear Business Foundations is an online course for students at all career levels. Whether you're in high school or college or a seasoned footwear industry professional, Footwear Business Foundations is designed to help you maximize your talent and determine which of the many career opportunities within the footwear industry is right for you.


FIT is a leading educator in cosmetics, fragrance, design, fashion, and art. The New York-based university has provided industry-defining instruction for over 75 years. 

Footwear News is a leading shoe magazine bringing you the latest breaking news, offering expert analysis and on-trend seasonal coverage in the footwear industry.


Graduates of Footwear Business Foundations can expect to complete the online course with an understanding of:

  • Taking a product from initial ideation through the manufacturing process 
  • Footwear branding in the digital age and into the future  
  • How to manage production and communicate with factories 
  • Ecommerce management and strategy
  • Managing relationships with retailers


Chris Wichert

Chris Wichert co-founded KOIO in 2014. The luxury footwear brand — handcrafted in Italy — features two stores in New York City and Los Angeles. It is also sold online globally.

Sarah Mullins has more than 20 years of experience in product design. She is currently the assistant chair of the Footwear & Accessories Design Program at FIT. 

Michael Atmore

Michael Atmore is the Chief Brand Officer for Fairchild Media Group, where he drives content and branding across all Fairchild properties. He is also the Editorial Director of Footwear News.

Sarah Flint

Sarah Flint is the Founder and Designer behind Sarah Flint Designer Shoes. Stars like Cindy Crawford and Meghan Markle are some of the women’s shoe brand's most prominent clients.


If you're still wondering whether or not Footwear Business Foundations is suitable for you, here's a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to learn more about the footwear industry, but a traditional university program isn’t right for you?
  • Are you a designer who doesn’t know what the next step is for your concept?
  • Do you work in the sneaker industry and want to learn more about sustainability?
  • Do you want to know more about selling in brick-and-mortar versus selling online?
  • Are you ready to start selling but need help navigating social media and website building? 

If you're interested in more information, head over to Footwear Business Foundations and sign up to receive a video preview and our course catalog.

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