“So I Could…” | Billy Petts

Name: Billy Petts Course: Streetwear Essentials IG Handle: @InspirationClothing I enrolled in this program so I could.. Learn from the best and obtain knowledge from an Industry standpoint not just the underground knowledge I've obtained the past decade. Why did you think the course was right for you when you enrolled? I felt like there could always be more to learn and that even with years of experience, I could learn other methods and processes to start and finish clothing projects. Learning from like minded creators is always a blessing. What is your biggest takeaway from this program? To treat my business as Culture and Storytelling. Not Product and Profits. It's much more than "business." It's Passion and the drive to make a difference in our communities. Has your experience in Streetwear Essentials impacted your career at all yet, and if so, how? Yes, my whole outlook on fashion has changed yet again. I feel as if I still have a long journey ahead, learning about mood boards, tech packs, and manufacturing in this course took my brand to new endeavors yet to unfold. Following all the creators and influencers from this course on Instagram has increased my learning as well. Seeing how they post, and market after hearing them speak makes sense why they excel in streetwear today. How did the course prepare you for working in the streetwear industry? In a good way. The course forces you really to make the building blocks of a clothing brand. Right down to business plan, target market, potential store layouts, pop up shops, you name it. At the end of this course I found myself with an actually written business plan which I never thought I would have or needed. Now I have something professional to continuously build off. What would you say to a friend about Streetwear Essentials? Sign up if you wanna save 10 years of learning on your own.
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