Now Open! The Noah Noodle Shop | Osaka, Japan In the midst of global chaos, great things are still happening. Many brands had no idea that by the end of Q1, the world would be at a pandemic standstill. While some projects came to a screeching halt, Noah kept pushing to make the magic happen. On Saturday, June 27th, The Noah Noodle Shop opened its doors, hoping to encourage its global community that with faith and perseverance, we can overcome anything. The creative vision for The Noodle Shop was executed by an A1 team led by Noah’s own Estelle Bailey-Babenzien, who happens to be a course contributor in the Streetwear Essentials course. Her design skill for creating the perfect aesthetic for an epic customer experience is one of a kind. The tradition of the Noodle Shop building speaks for itself and the design beautifully reflects that. The Noodle Shop was a traditional family house that functioned as a family-owned and run noodle shop for over a century. And while serving food and selling clothes doesn’t seem ideal, Noah reserved the tradition and made it happen. In the spirit of tradition, Noah Osaka used the image of the Kibori Kuma as a symbol of its opening. The Kibori Kuma is a wood-carved bear which is a representation of the “rural artisanal tradition” in Japan. Farmers used to make these bears during the winter months for income when their business was slower. Many Japanese families have Kibori Kuma in their homes as a symbol of “the balance in nature, and the responsibility each species has for one another”. Adding the imagery of the Kibori Kuma to the opening is another ode to the tradition being displayed here. Families of the team members who worked on this project have these sculptures in their home and immediately identify with its significance, which is very telling of the Noah brand. Being a brand is more than selling clothes and running campaigns. Noah is deeply committed to its global community and prides itself on taking its own approach to creating quality products. Instead of following existing guidelines in the fashion/streetwear industry, Noah goes above and beyond to put tradition and human dignity first and foremost. Donating portions of profits to help causes that are important to the brand, speaking on issues they believe in, and helping to amplify the voices of people and organizations important to them are just a few of the ways that make them a “responsible” brand.
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