Michelle Lopez Talks “Making The Pivot” | Webinar Recap Exclusive Conversation: Making the Pivot w/ Michelle Lopez


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Streetwear Essentials student Michelle Lopez is not new to the industry. As co-founder of the children’s streetwear brand The Mini Classy, she has a good idea of how the industry works. Earlier this year, Michelle decided to take her business skills to the next level and apply to be a student in the Streetwear Essentials course. After getting accepted and enrolling, she was on the road to releasing new Mini Classy gear and making some moves. A few months later, the pandemic hit and Michelle was forced to make some changes. While she was trying to figure how she was going to pivot into her next thing, she came up with a pretty dope idea. She talks about what she did in the live webinar we hosted, Making the Pivot on 6/14. If you want to hear more about what she did, her experience with the streetwear course and what she’s going to do next, leave your email in the box above. Once you register, we will send you the full link to the talk. Until then, you can check out some of her stuff on both The Mini Classy and MaskOn MaskOff.
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