Yellowbrick Grad Coins ‘Strange on Purpose’ Podcast

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Yellowbrick grads have done some pretty cool things after course completion. They waste no time putting their talents and credentials to work. Whether it’s designing a custom drop for Nike, curating a makeup museum or getting their first writing credit on a song, YB grads are on the ground putting their skills to good use. Sneakerschool grad Izzy Lugo is another dope example. He teamed up with Quentin Allums to craft the  Strange on Purpose podcast.

Strange on Purpose – Urban Misfit Adventures is a podcast that has something for everybody. Hosted by Izzy Lugo / @itsizzylugo and Quentin Allums / @tagjustq, their pod conversations are a great way to “pick people’s brains” simply by listening. Hearing the story of someone’s journey and identifying with the parts that resonate is a key motivator. It is always interesting to hear about a person’s grind, drive and setbacks that got them to where they are today.

One of their most recent guests, Susan Boyle, is an industry expert in Sneaker Essentials. She was one of the experts that Izzy Lugo came across in the course. The 3 met up on the pod for “Women In Sneakers” Episode 9 and had a great conversation about her career experiences. Lugo also reached out to Yellowbrick and scored an episode with Dion Walcott, the VP of Brand Partnerships. Click below to listen to Episode 9 and catch up with all the shows on either Anchor, Spotify, or Apple.

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