Reebok x Yellowbrick Want You to #WriteYourLegacy

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“Legacy isn’t just what you leave behind, it’s what you create” – #WriteYourLegacy

Reebok silhouettes have a solid place in sneaker culture history. From the colorful 5411s that got their name because of their price plus tax to the Iverson legacy that followed him even after his career ended, their silhouettes and styles tell stories that will live on forever. There is so much to be said about creating something that’ll have a permanent place in the history of sneaker culture. Sneaker culture has been carefully curated for years. Whether it is a shoe design or an editorial written about a moment, playing a role in shaping the culture is epic. If you are a High School student with a design dream who wants to earn his/her spot in sneaker culture, this contest is for you. 

Reebok and Yellowbrick have teamed up to help give young designers a chance to earn their spot in sneaker history. Fifteen High School students will have a chance at a mentorship opportunity with Xavier Jones, one of Reebok’s leading designers. Aside from an amazing mentorship opportunity, the chosen fifteen will also have a chance at a two-month apprenticeship with the brand and a chance to reimagine an iconic Reebok Classics silhouette. The application is open until April 15, 2020 @ 5pm EST. If you are a high school student or know a high school student who is ready to get their design on, click here to apply.

If a career in sneakers is something that you are interested in, visit Sneaker Essentials for more information. 

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