Jasmine O’Conner Talks Sneakers, Coursework and Following Her Passion

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Name: Jasmine O’Conner
Course: Sneaker Essentials
Instagram: @jasmine_oconner

I enrolled in Sneaker Essentials so I could..

Follow my passion and dream of working in the sneaker industry.

Where are you working now?

Cummins Inc.

Has your experience in Sneaker Essentials impacted your career at all yet, and if so, how?

Not yet.

Why did you think the course was right for you when you enrolled?

I knew this course was right for me when I enrolled because I had just started a new chapter in my life and was ready to go after my sneaker passion.

How did the course prepare you for working in the sneaker industry?

I have way more knowledge about the sneaker industry than I did 12 months ago.

How did the partnership with Fashion Institute of Technology for Sneaker Essentials affect your choice to take the program?

It highly affected my decision. I’m always looking for things that are real and have credibility

What is your biggest takeaway from this program?

I loved learning about the design process and the thought that goes into it. It was very helpful to see the inside of the factories as well.

What would you say to a friend or fellow Sneakerhead about Sneaker Essentials?

Taking Sneaker Essentials was a very humbling experience and I would recommend the course.

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