Interview Tips and Tricks To Landing Your Dream Job

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Going into an interview for your dream job can be nerve-wracking. Many people apply, the chosen are few and there can only be one person in the top spot. We’ve all been there and realize that things would be much easier if we had some inside tips on how to ace an interview. Izzy Lugo, Founder and host of Strange on Purpose podcast,  had an up close and personal conversation with some hiring staff members from the global footwear brand adidas. The webinar, How To Get a Sneaker Brand’s Hiring Manager to Notice You, was packed full of free game for you.

Izzy was joined by Nick Ziemer (Manager Digital Technology –Footwear, adidas), Bernadette Little (Designer on Global Brand Design, adidas), and Collin Lashway (University Recruiter, adidas). They talked about what it’s like to work at adidas and what the hiring process is like. They gave ve attendees an inside look at what hiring managers are looking for and what you can do to make yourself stand out as a candidate for the position you are interviewing for. Check out some of their points below: 

  • Myth: The only job in the sneaker industry is sneaker design.
  • Truth: “The 3 panelists on this webinar are a great representation of the different jobs available in the sneaker industry. There was a Manager of Digital Technology, a Designer on Global Brand, and a University Recruiter, all adidas employees.” 
  • Myth: Internships are so hard to get.
  • Truth: “Networking plays a major role in landing internships and even full-time jobs in the sneaker industry.” 
  • Question: What makes a resume stand out?
  • Answer: “There’s not one way to do a resume well but a lot of ways to do it wrong.” 
  • Question: What makes a portfolio stand out?
  • Answer: “Portfolios can show passion and desire through projects to help applicants tell their authentic story. Authenticity is key to standing out.” 
  • Question: What is it like being a Black/Brown person in the industry
  • Answer: “A young Black/Brown person coming into the sneaker industry now is definitely going to be minoritized but the conversations around diversity are being had. I find myself being the only woman in the conversation and the only Black woman in the conversations, at times.”

If you want to hear their complete answers and get all the gems, the full webinar replay for How To Get a Sneaker Brand’s Hiring Manager to Notice You is now available here.  

About Izzy Lugo III:

Izzy Lugo III is the Founder and Host of the Strange on Purpose Podcast. The podcast tells the stories of professionals shattering the glass ceilings of culture and shows young professionals what happens when you are authentically you 100% of the time. In addition to the podcast, Izzy spends his time working with brands on content creation as has partnered with brands such as Columbia, UGG, and much more. Lugo has been previously selected as one of Wisconsin’s 25u25 and a Neighborhood Achiever by the Business Journals.

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