For Women, By Women: Common Ace Makes Its Online Debut

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When it comes to sneaker shopping, women’s styles and silhouettes are often hard to find. The limited size-runs and exclusive styles make it difficult to cop and trying to find them after the fact is a chore. Sophia Chang and Romy Samuel decided to switch things up a bit and give women the sneaker shopping platform we deserve. Enter Common Ace, a place where SHEneakerheads have the option to cop exclusive styles from multiple retailers at once. 

Common Ace is a game-changer for sneaker shopping. Its launch comes at a time when the retail industry is going to see a shift in both marketing and how consumers are shopping. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, retail stores are closed, limiting in-store shopping experiences. There is an increase in online shopping and Common Ace allows for a smooth shopping experience while having access to multiple online retailers at once. Both Sophia and Romy are sneaker aficionados so they understand the struggle for women to purchase what they want, when they want it. The sneaker industry is a male-dominated industry but women have always played an integral role, whether it was in design, marketing, collaborations and/or sales. These two women took their passion for sneakers and turned it into a problem-solving business. 

The sneaker industry is full of opportunities for people looking to start a career or try their hand at entrepreneurship. You can check out Common Ace if you’re looking for something specific. If you’re looking to start a career, then Sneaker Essentials is the perfect place to start.

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