“So I Could…” | Heran Mamo

Name: Heran Mamo Course: Music Industry Essentials Instagram: @heranmamo I enrolled in Music Industry Essentials so I could.. report on the music industry better. Where are you working now? Billboard How did the course prepare you for working in the music industry? I understand the Billboard charts better and how they came to numerically judge musical success initially based on record store owners and radio stations' findings to eventually Nielsen Music data. How did the partnership with Billboard for Music Industry Essentials affect your choice to take the program? I currently freelance for Billboard and have been for the last year, so I was extremely interested in this side of the partnership. What is your biggest takeaway from this program? I learned how to envision a career in the lens of a musical artist through setting up stage designs, drawing recording studio layouts and coming up with marketing plans. It made me take full creative control of how I wanted to present myself to my "fans." What assignment, course, and/or instructor sticks out in your mind or taught you something valuable? I loved working on the third assignment, which required us to make a song about the story of our lives. After turning in the lyrics sheet, I actually started producing it on Garage Band, which I had never experimented with beforehand. It felt amazing to seize control of how I wanted my song to sound if I were to helm it all on my own. And it showed me that I could do it just by messing around with the software, watching some YouTube/MasterClass videos and feeling constantly inspired by the music I listen to today. What would you say to a friend about Music Industry Essentials? I've already recommended this program to about 5 people, two of which started it after I did. I told them that Music Industry Essentials really helped me build upon my music industry studies in college while giving myself a creative outlet to explore the artist I could become. That last part really resonated with some of my friends who are actually up-and-coming recording artists.



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