Influence Media Strikes A Publishing Rights Deal With Ali Tamposi

Influence Media, a New York-based music and entertainment fund, recently announced that it struck a deal with songwriter Ali Tamposi for her publishing rights. This means that Influence Media acquired the copyrights for songs in Tamposi’s songwriting catalog which include hits from top-charting artists like Justin Beiber, Camila Cabello, and Shawn Mendes to name a few.

Influence Media is a music and entertainment fund that is looking to invest in acquiring the recording and publishing rights of music that has a heavy influence on pop culture. Founder and co-managing partner Lylette Pizarro and co-managing partner Lynn Hazan work with a solid team of experts who have extensive experience across the music, entertainment, branding, and finance industries. Just last month, the company announced a $100 million fund to begin to acquire catalogs from female singers/songwriters in the industry.

Entertainment (song) funds help artists continue to capitalize on their music using strategies and creating new ways to get their music more exposure. Since streaming has become more popular, music catalogs have increased in value. TikTok and its viral abilities can add to stream revenues as well. Whether it’s royalties or tax benefits, song funds like Influence Media help get artists the best bang for their song buck. With touring off the table indefinitely, these song funds can help artists get their music in front of other audiences and create additional revenue streams.

The logistics of each deal will vary but this first purchase includes a solid selection of Tamposi’s hits which have sold at least 4 million units each. While there are other song funds to choose from, Influence Media won Tamposi’s sale. The Influence Media team started talking to Tamposi as they were getting their fund together. Once they launched, Tamposi committed to the sale. Their focus right now is securing the catalogs of female singers/songwriters. They are looking to fill a void that gives females the attention their music deserves. Founder and co-manager Lylette Pizarro told Rolling Stone,“We’re focused on women and female songwriters [...] When we did a listening tour, they felt like certain buyers weren’t getting back to them, they felt like they were being undervalued from their male peers. It was hard to get attention from some of their publishers and to get their works focused on. We’re looking to shift that.”

While Influence Media just launched and secured a solid first client, other song funds have scored some solid catalogs as well. Universal Music Group recently purchased Bob Dylan’s catalog for $400 million and Sony secured Paul Simon’s for an undisclosed amount. Needless to say, partnering with song funds is where it’s at and artists are wisely cashing in, to cash out.


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