An Introduction to Fashion Marketing and Social Media

Social media is a fantastic, cost-effective way to gain brand visibility. See how you can unlock your social media strategy.

How to Become a Special & Visual Effects Artist

Special & visual effects artists (also known as a VFX artist) use computer technology and software to create optical effects and animations for television shows.

How Music and Media is Becoming More Immersive

Modern technology enables musicians to share or a story to tell to convey across multiple music and media frequencies simultaneously.

A Brief History of Fashion Marketing

Find all of the latest news and information you need in the fashion industry, including the latest on fashion marketing.

Understanding Consumer Personas

Find all of the latest news and information you need in fashion marketing and consumer personas, and related courses to grow your career.

How to Become a TV Staff Writer

A TV staff writer is an entry-level career in writing rooms for television productions.

Talking Social Media with Drew Elovitz

Yellowbrick talks to social media and content expert, Drew Elovitz, about managing social media for one of the most read magazines in print.

How to Become a Hairstylist

A hairstylist is tasked with creating character hairstyles by styling and maintaining actors’ hair on set during filming.

Making Coachella: Festival Production Jobs You Should Consider

Music careers in festivals and touring

Sustainability and Transparency in Fashion

Find all of the latest news and information you need in the fashion industry and sustainability in the industry.

Greenwashing 101: Identifying Ethical Fashion

What is greenwashing? Learn how to identify if a fashion brand is sustainable and make smarter marketing choices.

Telling the Brand Story: Communicating with the Fashion Media

Learn how to evangelize your brand's story through communicating with fashion media

Fashion as a Reflection of the Times: The Working Woman

Pants in womenswear have a complicated history. Before the 20th century, most western societies believed that pants weren't ladylike.

How NFTs are Impacting the Music Industry

In the music industry, NFTs are disrupting the status quo. Musicians use them to communicate directly with their fanbase and diversify their distribution channels.

Jeff Rabhan’s Career in Music

For 20 plus years, Jeff Rabhan has worked in virtually all areas of the music industry.

Using Digital Platforms to Make Money in the Music Industry

Yellowbrick expert Jeff Rabhan explains how artists can navigate and utilize digital platforms to generate income.

Growth Hacking and the Music Industry

Marc Plotkin, professor at NYU's Clive Davis Institute, discusses examples of growth hacking within the music industry.

How to Become a Post Supervisor

Post supervisors create and maintain schedules during all phases of post-production.

How to Become a Digital Distribution Strategist

Digital distribution strategists identify and execute on off-channel marketing opportunities.

How to Become a TV Distribution Executive

TV Distribution Executives negotiate agreements and manage relationships with distribution partners.

How to Become a Social Media Coordinator

Social media coordinators create engaging social content for shows they are assigned to.

How to Become a Digital Sales Director

A digital sales director researches sales leads and strategizes to convert leads to viewers.

How to Get Discovered in the Music Industry

Yellowbrick expert, Corey Roberts, talks about getting discovered as an artist in the music industry and acts he's signed.

Creating a Loyal Fan Base in the Music Industry

Recording artist, JD Samson, talks to Yellowbrick about audience building and connecting with your fan base.

How to Become a Massage Therapist

Massage therapists treat clients using their hands to manipulate the muscles and other soft tissue.

Fashion Spotlight: Brandon Maxwell

The celebrity fashion director who has pushed Met Gala’s limits

How to Become a Literary Agent

Literary agents work on behalf of authors to secure publishing deals.

How to Become an Acquisitions Manager

Acquisitions Managers identify and procure literary content for publishing houses.

How to Become a Copywriter

A copywriter is a professional writer that works across many industries. Their standard responsibilities include writing the text — also known as copy —used in marketing advertising, and promotional materials.


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