Ayesha Curry Talks “Following Your Passion” with Chris ‘Coseezy’ Strachan

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Exclusive Conversation: Pursue Your Passion w/ Ayesha Curry and Chris ‘Coseezy’ Strachan.


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Ayesha Curry is a very busy woman. From cooking shows to restaurants to baby shoes to a new magazine, she is truly the personification of the phrase “pursue your passion.” In addition to her many personal projects popping off, she is super-focused when it comes to giving back to the community of Oakland and she stays true to her goals at all times. 

Mrs. Curry recently spoke with Chris ‘Coseezy’ Strachan and gave us all some gems to consider when pursuing your passion.  Throughout the conversation, she gave us quite a few tips. She talked everything from her favorite recipes to launching her magazine “Sweet July” to her Fempire series on EllenTube to all of the workings of eatlearnplay.org, and balancing family with work. Speaking of which, Stephen Curry dropped in for a mid-conversation cameo as well. Oh and Ayesha may or may not be dropping a new cookbook in September….stay tuned!

Thanks to Ayesha and Coseezy for this entertaining conversation, and for giving us all inspiration to “pursue your passion.” If you missed the live stream, drop your email address above to get a link to the full replay.

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