Webinar Recap | Esports & Gaming Careers With Ford Models’ Justin M. Jacobson Esq.

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When it comes to starting a career in the gaming and esports industry, there are quite a few options to choose from. Most people think that you have to get top scores on games and have lots of followers to be successful in the gaming industry. While those things may help, there are other ways to turn your passion for esports and gaming into a career and make some money. We recently sat down with Justin M. Jacobson ESQ., an Esports attorney who currently heads the Gaming department at Ford Models. He spoke to us about the different careers and job opportunities in the gaming industry and the type of skills needed to get these jobs. He also spoke about where you can look to find these jobs and gives great tips on how to be successful in your career. Justin also hosts the podcast Preediction, Esport Biz Show. Check out the latest episode here.

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