Webinar Recap | Breaking Into the Gaming Industry with the Founders of Decoy Games When your mom worked at Toys R Us when you were younger and you have access to all the games, it makes sense that you would grow up to have a career in the gaming industry. Brothers Kahlil and Ahmed Abdullah grew up playing video games and ended up launching their own indie game company, Decoy Games. They took their passion for gaming and turned it into a multi-award winning company that is focused on creating unique gaming experiences and encouraging innovation across all aspects of the gaming industry. We recently sat down with Kahlil and Ahmed to talk about their latest endeavor, Swimsanity, and what it took to get the game created, made, and sold to major video game platforms. They also told us some of the benefits of networking, how to network (even in a pandemic), and the best places to find jobs in the gaming industry. Get ready to take some serious notes and check out the webinar recap video above. For more information on breaking into the gaming & Esports industry, visit Press play on the video below to see the Trailer for Decoy Games release, Swimsanity.
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