Justin M. Jacobson Esq. Releases The Essential Guide to the Business & Law of Esports and Gaming

"As Esports has grown, the need for professional legal representation has grown with it. Justin's Essential Guide to the Business & Law of Esports & Professional Video Gaming provides a great baseline and will help prevent the legal horror stories of esports in the past."

Mitch Reames, AdWeek and Esports Insider

When it comes to having a professional career in the gaming industry, it isn’t just about the fun and games. There is a whole legal aspect to Esports and gaming that everyone in the industry should be aware of. Justin M. Jacobson Esq. is the Head of Gaming at Ford Models. Aside from managing clients like Ahman Green and Hip Hop Gamer, he is the go-to person for all things legal in Esports & gaming. In his new book, The Essential Guide to the Business & Law of Esports & Professional Video Gaming, he gives readers an inside look at the legalities behind certain aspects of the gaming industry. Whether it is the proper protections for a live Esports event or securing the rights to music a developer wants to use in a game, knowing the legal processes behind these things are important. Learning how to navigate things legally can potentially save people from disastrous outcomes and possible lawsuits. As the Esports and gaming industry continues to grow, so does the need for legal representation and knowledge of the laws and rights within the industry. The guide gives insight on everything from the Professional Esports Ecosystem to Copyright Law and Trademarks to Talent Agreements and more. Jacobson gives readers a very detailed look at some of the things they need to pay attention to as they navigate their career in Esports. When Justin spoke at a Yellowbrick Webinar earlier this year, he spoke about all of the career opportunities in gaming and how to get started. If a career in Esports & gaming is in the future, a certificate from Gaming & Esports Essentials and The Essential Guide to the Business & Law of Esports & Professional Video Gaming are two things you’d want to have on hand before you get started. You can purchase the book on Amazon and follow Justin on Instagram for more information on his podcast, panels, and Esports & Gaming news.
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